Admission at a public school in the Republic of South Africa is determined by section 5 of the South African School’s Act of 1996 which states that the Governing Body of a school has to determine an admission policy which is within the framework of the Constitution.

The following is Zwaanswyk Academy’s Admission policy:

1.3.1 Preference is given to learners living in the surrounding area.

1.3.2 Admission depends on availability.

1.3.3 Parents of learners admitted to Zwaanswyk Academy automatically accept the school rules and policies and agree to subject the child to the school rules and the behavior codes of the school.Misconduct can lead to suspension and expulsion.

1.3.4 The application of a learner with a record of misconduct will be considered by the Governing Body.

1.3.5 The school is not school is not allowed to publicly declare that a learner is H.I.V positive.

1.3.6 The following criteria in terms of age requirements apply.Proof of birth must be presented to the principal. Learners must turn seven in the year they are admitted to Grade 1. Learners are not allowed to be older than 8 years when enrolling in Grade 1. A learner is not allowed to be 2 years older or younger than the normal age for his/her grade.

1.3.7 A learner applying for admission in any class higher than Grade 1,will be required to present results from his/her previous school.

1.3.8 Applications for learners who do not fulfill the requirements for enrollment at Zwaanswyk Academy will be considered by the Governing Body for acceptance.

1.3.9 Details regarding fees are available with the application forms.