School Mission Statement

We aim to create an environment in which learners are encouraged to discover and develop their talents.  All this is done within the framework of Christian values and with close cooperation and shared responsibility between parent and school.

We further strive to equip each pupil with relevant skills to enable him / her to  develop to their full potential in becoming a responsible and motivated pupil who can make a contribution at school and to their community.


The school has the following aims and objectives:

1.2.1 To educate all learners from Grade R to Grade 7.

1.2.2 To educate the learners in English,with Afrikaans being the first additional language.

1.2.3 A balanced education encompassing academic,sport and cultural achievement.

1.2.4 A continuous endevour for top honours.

1.2.5 To supply a friendly and stable atmosphere for learners and educators.

1.2.6 To maintain a healthy discipline within the framework of positive discipline.